Liza Dudhiya

Liza is a very easy to define teenage girl and at the age of 18 she has got dreams to touch the sky and for above pursuing her first year of commerce graduation she has won the title of Miss Teen India Divas in the month of November 2018 in Goa

Liza Dudhiya was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, ,India. She became celebrity after winning Miss Teen India Diva’s title, she thanked Diva’s Beauty Pageant and her parents in her winning speech

Liza Dudhiya – new topped Miss teen India Diva 2018 Liza Dudhiya’s win was each expected and sudden. She's the primary winner once the pageant was rebranded

AAside from being one among the favorites to win, the model from Ahmedabad has elements of a various qualities. Liza Dudhiya, Miss Teen India Divas 2018 could have seen ups and downs in her journey. From a girl next door to changing into the representative of Republic of India at Miss Teen India Divas 2018, and surely has come out victorious out of winners

Liza is known for her daring and dauntless looks, her sense of poise reflected in her wardrobe. It’s difficult to find a look she can’t pull off — whether it’s urban cool or red-carpet polished, Liza can work any style she chooses.

Although she’s just 18 years old, Liza has spent plenty of time on the red-carpet, and has become a street style star in her own right when she’s off duty. With a sleek, modern style, Liza’s vibe is perfect inspiration for college girls everywhere.

Liza Dudhiya’s style is at once both young and on-the-edge, a look that represents a new side of the model. Liza has been on a path to self-discovery after launching a solo model career, and her style is following along as well. She loves to experiment with shapes, colors, and patterns, and pulls everything off with ease.

Liza Dudhiya is the epitome of class. A Indian model, Liza exudes chic elegance with every look she serves.


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